Swagify allows you to upsell and cross-sell products and bundles at the point of checkout based on the contents or dollar value of the customer's shopping cart. Swagify integrates with Shopify, one of today's most popular e-commerce platforms with nearly 300,000 online stores. The Swagify app increases conversion rates and sales by 20-30% by allowing store-owners to create highly customizable offers.

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  • Allow users to upsell products based on custom tiers to increase and optimise sales
  • Incentivise customers and boost brand loyalty
  • Flexible campaign controls and real-time analytics


The main challenge of this project was to allow the User to define types of sales and promotions, which can be complicated. I really enjoyed brainstorming ways for Users to set up custom promotions in an intuitive manner without going through countless steps or pages. 

On the engineering side, there were struggles to make the app integrate smoothly with existing code depending on themes on Customer's stores. This created unexpected but thought-provoking constraints on what we could design since each store had it's own look and feel.