Music App


Overview aggregates favorite songs, playlists and followed artists across different music platforms, so all your music can be in one place. Browse popular playlists, created by users, artists and us, and share them with your friends and followers. 

This was a project I worked on at Genome, an experiential digital innovation agency and startup incubator. The founders of Genome used to work in the music industry and this was a passion project stemming from frustration of having different types of music across various platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube etc and lacking a sole access point. 


I created wireframes, interactions and visual design across mobile, tablet and web with specs that were passed on to our engineers. I then managed QA through ticketing in Jira and scheduling meetings with engineers to fix issues. 


Some of the challenges we faced were on the engineering side as certain music platforms were not able to be integrated smoothly. One of our main goals were to distinguish the platform as different from Spotify or Apple Music by allowing Artists to also use the platform to connect more intimately with their fans. This created interesting design adventures such as how to visually distinguish between an Artist posting songs or playlists vs users, as well as how to clearly show the user the many features of the app (i.e. playlists created by users, playlists created by artists, playlists suggested by us for the user to find new music).