Lunar Gala '14

This was my second year working together with Antonio Ono on a collection for Lunar Gala. Our line takes inspiration from the colors, geometry, and textures evocative of digital environments. By using a combination of minimal resort wear and accessories that connote digital interfaces and retro computer graphics, we’re exploring the relationship people might have with intimate forms of computing. 

We laser cut and etched neon acrylic to make the accessories for the models, and explored a variety of unusual silhouettes for the clothing. We wanted it to feel futuristic, yet plausible at a high end pool party, with sheer materials that protect the user from harmful UV rays, and waterproof materials such as acrylic.

The accessories include explorations of new ways for users to connect to objects, such as a sun umbrella that projects text onto various surfaces to send notifications to the user and opera glasses held up to the eyes for subtle, secretive messages. 

Lunar Gala is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University devoted to promoting fashion talent and innovation throughout the campus community.In addition, the show brings together the incredible talent of Carnegie Mellon designers, programmers, artists, and technicians to create innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork that can only come out of Carnegie Mellon.

Watch the full show here



Process + Sketches